what turned you on to graff?

my brother used to write back in 05, so igot introduced to writers and see the shit they did, so it would make me wanna go out and do shit like them.

"Different day, same shit, ain’t nothing good in the hood, I’d run away from this bitch and never come back, if I could."

50 Cent  (via hip-hop-quest)

(via borracho4life)

Where you from?

oakland, CA.


yolo, send me some anons, ill answer em.


Haay sad girl. I love your blog! I live in Dallas, and I found your blog by googling dope shit or dope ass shit or something like that. Pretty ringing endorsement from the ol' search engine if you ask me. Anyways, keep doin what you're doin!

lol thats dope, good looking out <3